gwdatafind.find_urls(*args, **kwargs)

Find all files of the given type in the [start, end) GPS interval.

site : str
single-character name of site to match
frametype : str
name of frametype to match
gpsstart : int
integer GPS start time of query
gpsend : int
integer GPS end time of query
match : str, re.Pattern, optional
regular expression to match against
urltype : str, optional
file scheme to search for, one of ‘file’, ‘gsiftp’, or None, default: ‘file’
on_gaps : str, optional

what to do when the requested frame isn’t found, one of:

  • 'warn' print a warning (default), or
  • 'error': raise a RuntimeError, or
  • 'ignore': do nothing
cache : list of str

the list of discovered file URLs